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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ooppss... it seems to be a little misunderstanding here... this blog is not to sell all this stuff except for engineering style design, but we would like to advertise our printing service here and all this design is the sample of our product where u can evaluate on ur own about our designer's idea. hehe... ok??? wanna print tshirt??? do contact us... ok??? hehe... we also provide embroidery printing and lacoste collar tshirt... hehe...


  1. kamu ada buat kad kahwin tak? macam mana kira ye???

  2. yup... we do... if u wanna give us da job, u can easily send us the detail to our email at simbioticdesign@gmail.com. we will contact u for further details and dun forget to leave ur contact no... thanks...

    ~we print your satisfaction~

  3. bro,kalo buat banner berapa hari siap?
    hargo guane kire?
    size standard jer..banner program..

  4. salam... banner berapa kaki??? kalau 3 x 10 saya bley kasi rm100 sahaja... insyaallah siap dalam masa 2 - 3 ari... kalu job x banyak sehari pon da siap and kalu nk cepat, kena bincang ngan lagi detail ar... ok???

    ~we print your satisfaction~

  5. great job buddy! keep up. selamat hari raya aidilfitri. maaf zahir dan batin. faizyahya (AK XPAHAM PROFILE APA DIE MINTAK. :)

  6. faiz... thanks... selamat ari raya gak... maaf zahir batin... jap... profail??? menda apa??? xpaham apa maksud ko... huhu...

    -hafiz kathi-