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Monday, September 7, 2009


HYE... simbiotic design are coming back with new post. we had given a good comment and suggestion from 1 of the viewer. we are welcoming any comment no matter it is positive or negative about us and we will try to response about it immediately...

to mr J... thanks for your comment which he want us to provide the pic or image of our embrodery quality. but we would like to apologize for cannot displaying the sample of tshirt that we had print using embroidery printing since it is our policy for not keeping any of the client product in our stock, but what we can do is we are displaying the sample of the logo of our client where we had an authorized permission from them. so, here is the image... you can evaluate on your own about the quality of our embroidery by looking at the sharpness and wherher it is clear or not. or is it accordingly to the pic of your logo or not... your evaluation could be your conclusion about us...

simbiotic design division
~we print your satisfaction~

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